August. For some it signals the end of summer for others it means back to school. Don’t want to go all Dickens on you but perhaps the month is the best of times or the worst of times, depending on your August. If you celebrate National Goat Cheese Month, this one’s for you,

I imagine the “dog days of summer” to happen in this month. But, basically, it’s sort of a nondescript month. Yeah it ties the record for longest month of the year with 31 days, but still, 6 other months have 31 days.

There are no major holidays in August. (Although 1.2 billion people from India would disagree since Independence Day is celebrated there on August 15.)

January – New Years Day
February – Valentines Day
March – Madness
April – Fool’s Day, sometimes Easter
May – Mother’s Day. Memorial Day
June – Fathers Day. Flag Day. First day of summer
July – The 4th of July
September – Labor Day
October – Halloween
November – Thanksgiving
December – Christmas

August – Uh, Hmm. Well.

There is only ONE good song I know about August. Thank you, Neil Diamond for “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.” ” Hot August night and the leaves hanging down and the grass on the ground smelling … sweet.” Halle, Hallelujah! The song indeed conjures up a vision of tent revival show in August.

The month is named for Augustus, a Roman Emperor who ruled until 14 A.D. during an era often referred to as Pax Romana, which in Latin means “nothing really happened in August even back then”. OK, I lied. Actually, the term refers to an era that was marked by a period of prolonged peace by Roman standards. (Ironically, knew a guy in a band called Pax Romana).

Good old Augustus is mentioned every December in Christian churches on Christmas Eve in a reading from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2 Verse 1:

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.

But do we celebrate August in December? No. If anything, August’s sister month is November. August ends on the same day that November ends every single year. Look it up. I know you will. I did. This year August ends on a Saturday, so does November.

So here’s an August salute,
Though there’s no horns to toot.
You are one of the twelve,
but there are no August elves.
No big day to celebrate,
but your hot nights are great
for last summer nights on the beaches
before the kids meet their teacha’s.

Yeah I know that’s a stretch
Ya got a dog go play fetch.
Cause it’s the dog days you know.
In four months there be snow.
So enjoy every day
be it August or May
every day of the year for that matter.
Now I’m done with this chatter.
To August.

Waiting on Pax Romana to record this song, so check your iTunes account for release of their new CD called “Get a Peace of Dis.”