What’s your favorite part of a song, the lyrics or the words? Subtle shot at humor there. Yeah I know it’s the same thing. But aren’t the lyrics more meaningful. Yeah yeah yeah as the Beatles said.

Okay I know this is not original, but did you ever mistake lyrics in a song?
Sure you did. It’s Ok to admit it. Even John Fogerty sings, “There’s a bathroom on the right” in his concerts now.

Back in the day, we had no way to verify the actual words to a song. Heck, Al Gore hadn’t even invented the internet yet. So we sang what we thought we heard and sang it loud and sang it proud, right or wrong.

So here’s mine:

Three Dog Night. Eli’s Coming:

MY VERSION: Eli’s coming hide your heart…better walk walk, but you’ll never get away … I want to apologize today.
REAL LYRICS: Eli’s coming hide your heart…better walk walk, but you’ll never get away … I walked to Apollo by the Bay. (1)

Free. All Right Now:

MY: Let’s move before they raise the F-ing rent
REAL: Let’s move before they raise the parking rates.

Simon and Garfunkel. Cecelia (My sister Susan was 5 at the time and had these words for this song. Ding ding ding, sis, can you feel the bus coming, Susan.):

HERS: Oh Cecelia, you’re making a hard and a baby.
REAL: Cecelia, you’re shaking my confidence daily.

Police. Message In A Bottle

MY: A year has come since I broke my nose.
REAL: A year has passed since I wrote my note.

Rolling Stones: O gosh any song by the Stones, any song qualifies. Mick is the master at making meaningless lyrics sound cool and making words sound like something else.

MY: Well, I just sang the songs loud and slurred through certain Stones songs lyrics in the sixties and seventies Were there real words? Yes they were, but in checking lyric websites now, I had no clue what they were!

REAL (Just some of them in case you didn’t know):
– I was raised by a toothless bearded hag. “JJ Flash”
– I laid a divorcee in New York City, I had to put up some kind of a fight. “Honky Tonk Women”
– Oh, see the fire is sweepin’ At our streets today Burnin’ like a red coal carpet A mad bull lost its way. “Gimme Shelter”

That’s it for now. But I leave you with these famous words of the Stones, lyrics I actually understood, and no matter what you sing when the song is playing, sing it loud, sing it proud, cause, “It’s only rock and roll but I like it, like it, yes I do.”

So, since I bared my soul, please bare yours and share your own personal favorite lyric mishaps.


(1) According to Wikipedia, everybody’s source for on line trivia knowledge, Apollo Bay is a coastal town in southwestern Victoria, Australia. What that means in the context of the song, remains a mystery. Apparently, even Eli is coming there too.

PS There are several websites devoted to this very topic, Here’s one you might enjoy: