Are you having that big summer cookout coming up soon at the homestead this year?

Started watching the 7 day forecast yet? I know I am glued to weather reports the week before the big party when I am the host.

Weather. Good weather. Bad weather. Fair weather. Inclimate weather. Who knows.
Maybe even, “Stormy Weather”. (2)

Looks like rain sometime that week, maybe on your day. Rain, that damned rain. It’s gonna ruin your parade. Wait, you’re not having a parade, it’s a party. Maybe it will be OK. Rain, farmers love it; party throwers, not so much.

The show, the parade, the summer gathering, the party goes on. Rain or shine.

But the local weathermen will change the forecast ten times before Sunday. (Sounds like the name of a band, eh? “Ladies and Gentlemen, Give it up for Ten Times Before Sunday!” )

Speaking of bands and weather, what’s your favorite “rain” song?

Here’s my nominees:

1) Who’ll Stop the Rain — CCR
2) It’s Raining Men (Hallelujah) — The Weather Girls
3) (Oh How) I Wish That It Would Rain – Temptations
4) Rainy Day Women – Bob Dylan
5) Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head – BJ Thomas
6) Purple Rain – Prince
7) November Rain – Guns and Roses
8) Fire and Rain – James Taylor
9) A Year without Rain – Selena Gomez and The Scene
10) Let it Rain – Eric Clapton

And those are just SOME of the “rain” songs. Oddly as I researched this, I never knew there were soo many songs about rain. The concept started out just with “Stormy Weather.”

So back to the picnic, the parade, the party. As the Eagles said in their classic song “Desperado”, recorded 40 years ago, “It may be rainin’ but there’s a rainbow above you.”

And Wedwand says, ” Don’t let the forecast fool ya. Let the good times rule ya.” It’s not the weather that makes the party, it’s the celebration and the camaraderie of the event.


1- This photo was taken right in front of my house in May. After a diligent search, I can confirm, there is NO pot of gold on my street. But the authorities that be may want to spend millions to make sure Jimmy Hoffa is not there. A guy named Vinnie told me maybe Hoffa is there. I gladly give them permission to dig up my yard to check and see… for a price.

2- “Stormy Weather” was first recorded 80 years ago by Frances Langford in 1933 according to Wikipedia. Look her up. (She is actually sort of hot in a 1930’s sort of way.) If she sang in this day and age she’d be called Frances and the Machine.

There was a movie by the same name, Stormy Weather that came out in 1943, 70 years ago. Oddly, it is the story of Bill ” Mr. Bojangles” Robinson and features songs by Lena Horne, Cab Calloway and Fats Waller.

The song has been recorded over 40 times since then by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Chaka Khan to The Smoking Popes.