I’ve got a great idea for this week’s Wednesday Wandering entry. It’s funny and insightful, witty and entertaining. It’s everything you would hope for. So here goes. Uh. Hmm. Um.

It was there a minute ago and in the time it takes to type the intro, like a Hall and Oates song, she’s gone. Seems it wandered away, that brilliant thought. Better learn how to face it.

The train derailed. Well, not a REAL train, but my train of thought went right off the tracks. Not to worry, nobody was hurt.

Ever forget something right in the middle of talking about it?
Ever go into a room looking for something and forget what you are looking for?
Happens no matter what age for all you youths out there.

When you lose something or forget something, what do you do to get the train back on the tracks? Please share.

I love this one, “Where do you last remember having it?” Sound logic to be sure, but if you remembered where you last had it, wouldn’t it be there still and not lost? (Sometimes not, I guess, but still.)

I have a relative who calls out to her deceased father and swears she finds the missing object in a matter of moments.

For me, when I walk into that room looking for something and forget what the heck it was, I go back to the spot where I thought I needed the now missing object. Sometimes that works and when it does, I rush back to the other room before I forget it again, repeating, “spoon spoon spoon, that’s what I need.”

In conversation, I often fill that void with the word, UM. There is no satisfactory definition for the word “um” so far as I can tell. . Webster’s dictionary defines “um” as “used to indicate hesitation “. Yet I use the word or non word far too often. I am trying to train myself to just use the silent pause.

Ssh. _____ ______ _____

No luck. Check in next Wednesday for that brilliant thought I had. I’m sure it will come back to me. I just need to remember the room where I had the brilliant thought. In the meantime, share your secret to finding missing objects, if you can remember.