GE DIGITAL CAMERAWe often hear the term “growing like weeds.” The cover photo was taken just 3 days after I cut the grass this week. Weeds, they grow.

Within the next 2 weeks, both my daughters will graduate from high school and college. It wasn’t 3 days. But it went quicker than I thought.

I have this 6 foot 6 inch poster we keep in the basement where you mark off a height as one grows. The very first marks are from 1999 (which is now 14 years ago). They are a tad below my waist. Today, the grown up version looks me in the eye.

So as we go through the celebration of their accomplishments, I am sure I will be teary eyed at the events.

The message here to them (and to all I guess) is: Be proud of your accomplishments. Follow your dreams. Embrace the special moment when it happens. Get over your mistakes, learn and move on. Have fun.

Do that and you are flowers, not weeds.