Numbers and Letters

The dog ate my homework. Zero my.
See you later. Zero K.
I lost a quarter in the vending machine. Zero well.
Nobody ever says that.

But ask for a phone number and someone will tell you 555- Oh 1 Oh 5.
O, is not a number. O is a letter. 0 is a number. O is a letter. Lower case O is o. There is no lower case 0. There is an upper case 0 which is ) on the keyboard. This does get confusing so follow along.

Its, I mean it’s not about being politically correct. This number and letter thing is not political it is grammatical. Theirs something, I mean there’s something about it that drives me crazy.

It’s just a thing our society has accepted and excepted, the exclusion of zero in a number sequence. Zip nil nada works too, but nobody says their phone number is 555 zip one nada nil. One may hear a phone number of 555 Oh one hundred, but nobody hears a phone number of 555 Oh Canada.

I urge you; help me here, where have I gone wrong in my understanding of the obvious difference between O and 0?

In the winter when it’s cold outside, do we say, “It’s O?” No, when it’s cold, we honor the zero. It’s zero. Zee ro! It’s not O, or even o, or even Oh. It’s zero and it’s damn cold! If it gets colder, it’s 5 below zero. It’s not T, which is 5 below the letter O. Perhaps, zero is a cold number, not a phone number?

Here’s a thought. If you have a zero score in tennis, they call it “love” which would make an intriguing phone number of 555-love one love love. (Although, in tennis if you score one point they call is 15 so never mind.)

Zero no. I’m about out of time. If you have a thought on the O 0 debate, let Wedwand know.

CAMEL COMMENT: This week’s entry went out a little late cause I was in LA driving down their freeways, specifically driving on California Highway 101. You guessed it, they call it “one oh one” in California. (Actually, the locals call it “THE one oh one.” For THE locals, every highway starts with “the”, don’t know why but they do.)

As I reflected, one oh one (101) makes sense for 0 on that one. Y is sometimes a vowel, sometimes a consonant, so maybe O is sometimes a letter and sometimes a number. But they aught to teach us that in school, if that is the case.