Ever get that late night snack urge? Sure you have. I happen to have just fulfilled that urge and am doing my best to make sure none of it sticks to the keyboard as I I I I (woops) type.

Some of my late night snack cravings are unusual but specific. Cheerios doused with Ovaltine and milk, topped with honey. A summertime favorite is a fresh garden tomato sandwich on whole wheat toast with mayonnaise and celery salt.

On occasion, the snack leans towards the bizarre. I will spare you the details of what you can do with leftover pizza, bacon bits, ranch dressing, an avocado and some hot sauce.

Tonight, it was a rather traditional craving for peanut butter and jelly that called out to me. My ultimate PBJ starts with a couple slices of bread, preferably a nice oat bran bread so I can delude myself into the nutritional health value of the sandwich. (Although on a scale of one to Elvis, its gotta be better for you than a fried Graceland PBBB.)

A teaspoon of honey is spread over the bread. Tasty and it improves spreadability. After it has formed a sweet crust, the sandwich construction can begin.

What made this particular sandwich one a step above the rest was the brand new jar of peanut butter in the cabinet. I bought it this afternoon. I knew it was there. It surely knew it was about to be tapped.

The simple pleasure of being the first to dip into the fresh full jar of delight and strategically scoop the very first glob o peanut butter to spread on the bread is outstanding. I mean the sandwich was good enough, but to be the first to skim the Skippy gave a boost to the preparation process indeed. This only happens every so often you realize, so cherish the moment when it does.

Jelly of choice tonight was sour cherry. Beverage of choice, a glass of chocolate milk.

Then the kicker in this late night labor of low level culinary love came at the bottom of the glass. As so often happens, what remained there was a sweet swirl of a rich chocolate sludge-like substance that was spoon worthy and tasted outstandingly rich. O sure you can add a little more milk and mix it up. I prefer the spoonful.

So there I shared and if you care to share your simple pleasures, I urge you to comment and do so.

Having let it all out now, I wonder if I can get to sleep. O yeah, crisp clean sheets are on the bed. I am pretty sure I can doze off in a minutes or two and if I can, my dreams are sure to be as sweet as the snack.

First scoop, last spoonful, crisp sheets. Ah, the simple pleasures.