Just this evening, I was out for a walk and about to cross the street when a car approached the intersection. The driver stopped and waved me on. Hmm, I wondered. Are there ulterior motives?

While he did have a stop sign and according to the Rules of the Road was indeed required to stop and yield, two thoughts passed through my mind. 1) Alas, there remains a courteous person in the world willing to defer to a poor pedestrian soul who attempts to cross the street. 2) Is this dude is setting me up for the hit and run.

In this instance, I opted to trust driver and ventured into the crosswalk. Fortunately, it was number one, a chivalrous driver did indeed exist out there. I crossed unharmed.

Then I did the only thing I ever do is such situations and I urge you to do it too. I stepped up the pace of my stride, just a little, so as to acknowledge the kind gesture and non-verbally thank the driver for being polite. (It’s akin to the courtesy wave you give a driver when he lets you merge into his lane when an unforeseen construction lane closure approaches. Please tell me you do the courtesy wave. It’s the least you can do. I get annoyed when I let a car into the lane in front of me and the driver skips the courtesy wave. Everyone PLEASE give the courtesy wave.)

So, back to the point at hand, the pedestrian crosswalk… the extension of the courtesy wave. You don’t even have to really break into a full sprint or even a slow jog. But, it’s always nice to show gratitude to a kind driver with a wave and a move. Sometimes, I just move my arms up and down in an animated running motion fashion as I cross the walk while not actually moving any faster. This method create the illusion that I am moving quicker for the consideration extended, while not actually picking up the pace.

If you watch, a lot of people actually do this already and I applaud them for that. For some added flair, you can throw in a nod, a wave and a smile.

It’s important to acknowledge a gallant gesture in this “me first” day and age. So I implore you to wave and wiggle when walking out there. Believe it or not, it can be construed as a gesture of thanks under the right circumstances, depending on what you wave and wiggle.